robbie van

Where all hope is gone , truth is all lies
all is forlorn , as freedom it dies
the fire of war will scar to the bone
as the thunder , rages ‘ round Satan’s throne

out of the ashes , into the fire
reign of the Hitler , stand and aspire
the public is muzzled , under new domain
the Nazis have risen , and the game is the same

Ziegheil I say with a yankee slant
they salute their flag will we piss our pants
the clang of the bars , in their prisons at night
brings the fear to the throat , as they stand up to fight

the Trump cards in play , the fool runs the night
a bloated buffoon , in ego delight
the princess procession , the Queen then her crew
while the world watches on , for we’ve all been screwed

reality politics , is just like T V
the public watches and ignores sanity’s plea
so the ride of the Valkries would rage in the storm
there’s no hope for the future if we don’t push for reform

The police shut down protests , their shields side by side
the protesters are chanting as the smoke starts to fly
in comes the armour to hose down the street
the crowds starts to waver as they’re blown off their feet

in the land of the fee , now all protests are banned
as martial law it covers the land
the prisons and dungeons groan from the pain
the Trump cards in play is this the end game?