Well the blood on the walls and the dead in the halls
the broken mess falls with the bullet riddled stalls
the screams and the fright so long after the night
still pounding of feet as the gunman’s in sight

oh run girl on silent feet hide in the smallest space
the tremble of terror as his feet walk past your hiding place
you dare not make a sound as he checks another door
don’t breath just stay quiet maybe he’ll go away once more

then the noise and the yelling the screams as children die
the bravery of the teachers here another hero lies
as the politicians blather we see this every day
to them it doesn’t matter their kids are safe today

so bullet in the chamber fingers round another gun
walks into the classroom as madness reigns and stuns
thrown into that living hell as all those cherished loved ones lost
children need protection into the fire tossed

and they say guns are not the cause
can they be that dumn don’t it give them pause
is there no sanity all you know is fight
what about the innocent have they no rights

mounds of flowers growing a parents greatest fear
lost are all those children water their graves with tears
oh you brave and loving teachers my heart it breaks for you
candles and memorials our nation mourns with you