Look at that shine
it glows from our son
standing so proud
he waits for his one
our hearts will explode
our eyes are on fire
proud mothers look on
one from on higher
and as they say their I do’s
I look through the mist
friend wife and bride
at last she is kissed
these eyes are still crying
as tears overflow
they wave to the crowd
as the limo it goes

so we’re here at the hall
with the bride and the groom
there’ll be dancing later on
might have to make some room
as I look across the table
from a father to a son
may you always be this happy
but it’s only just begun

so I say

raise up your glasses
a toast to our friends
a toast to love
that it never ends
a toast to friendship
that will help you through
and a toast to our families
here’s my toast to you