robbie van

Strange incantations, heard in a dream
weird invocations , what could they mean
Earth spirit guide me , seep in my soul
Moon goddess , hold me here , here in your glow
the powers line up before the Sun
Moonlight imposes , as magics begun
my feet feel a pulse, as I bring fire towards the sea
the wind in my face , as my spirit soars free

Ooohm and Ra sensorum rem , quantum uno quantum totalis

I praise at the altar of Ooohm and Ra
the heat and light of our Sun
the kneel in the soil of creation
as Lunas’ light bathes every one
I kiss the waters of life by the sea
the blessings of mother our Earth
and I look to the stars and dream of a life
in a weave of creation and birth
so wholly , wholly , wholly
blessed are we the beings
brought here in this time and place with the gift of truly seeing
for the sound of bird and branch and breeze
is our natives true desire
so I look to the heavens and feel in my heart
that my journey is now inspired