God came to me in a prayer
smiling Budda was there
Allah was nice passed Krishna the rice
enjoying the banquet they shared

pointing to Allah’s dry land
the priest with his bible in hand
let’s steal what we need with a pious man’s greed
so the Christians went making a stand

Muslim’s say Allah is nice
don’t heed his peace full advice
with Sunnis to fear and the Kurds that are here
so let’s rid the land of the lice

all nations goes to war , with God upon their side
the leaders tell of treachery, but truth they always hide
but the terrors of war and the gods called in fear
we all call to God ,when death comes too near

the tinkling of the steinways, the laughter at the banks
please raise your fluted glasses and give all gods our thanks
for it looks as though the war will last , at least few more years
we’re making record profits by ramping up the fear