I saw a girl by the corner store
she was sitting very still
her lips were blue her eyes were glazed
I know that fentanyl can kill
so I quickly dialed 911
went went over touched her hand
it was cold as ice she didn’t respond
and I cried as I understand

she’s someones little baby
her parents baby girl
she’s someones little baby
she got crushed by a cruel cruel world
she’s someone’s sweet sweet daughter
she won’t be coming home tonight
her parents think she’s out with friends
and that everything’s alright

as I cried as part of me died

when I finally got back home in grief
I couldn’t sleep at all
I phoned my kids made sure they were safe
I had to make those calls
I held my breath till I heard their voice
they thought I was acting strange
but I told them that I loved them
that I needed to see them again

as I cried relieved inside

for they’re my my my sweet babies
my baby boy and girl
they’re my my my sweet babies
they’re safe in this cruel cruel world
she’s my my my sweet daughter
he’s my big big baby boy
they are my pride they are my heart
they fill my life with joy

but I still cried for the ones that died