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Robbie Van

Trans Sister Radio I Let Your Love Light Shine

Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Channelled Musician


My lyrics and poems are an eclectic mix of musical genres: rock, blues, jazz, reggae and rap/spoken word. As a transgender woman with music constantly in my mind, the spark to the song, “Trans Sister Radio”, depicts my hopes and dreams of changing the anger-based world by flooding it with the light of love. So Let Your Love Light Shine!

I am currently available to perform in clubs, lounges, festivals, and small theatres throughout Vancouver Island. The Robbie Van Experience will tailor to suit your needs
and audience. I seek to have your patrons leave with a feeling of happiness, positive energy, and a connected love experience to the universe.

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The number THREE is a huge influence in my life, being 3rd born from a 3rd born, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren, and having lived in 3 countries. I was born in Amsterdam, left for Australia at 2 years old, then emigrated to Canada when I was 16.

Some sociologists and native cultures have considered trans people as being the 3rd sex or dual spirited (in history dual spirited people were often shamans, uniquely balanced between yin and yang and able to pierce the veil between realms).

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The number 3 is a huge influence in her life, being 3rd born from a 3rd born with 3 children and 3 grandchildren as well as living in 3 countries….she was born in Amsterdam left for Australia at 2 yrs old, then emigrated to Canada when she was 16 Some sociologists and native cultures considered trans people as being the 3rd sex or dual spirited (in history dual spirited people were often the shaman uniquely balanced between yin and yang and able to pierce the veil between realms)

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The international traveling that she undertook during her life and the multiple school changes (26 and counting) helped her develop a big picture outlook.that coupled with her voracious appetite for books, gives her a unique perspective of the world… Although a latecomer to the entertainment scene she is uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of transgender and social issues that speak to the betterment of the Planet and has been writing for over 9 yrs to achieve her goals.

Making her home now in Parksville British Columbia Canada, she is hoping to launch a career. Her vision as an international touring artist is just beginning and promises many exciting concerts and performances to come, so stay tuned. Long-term goals include 9 yrs of touring, 9 yrs of producing musical plays and theater then writing 3 novels that are in the conception stage and being mentally fleshed out.

She has dreamed her life into existence with her guides holding her hands and showing her the path. All her music flows into her like magic and the lyrics come attached. She is so in tune with the universe that spirits will use her body to play and sing while she feels like a spectator at her own concert.

Her totem animals are the great blue heron and the rabbit and they are constantly appearing in times of importance (her fathers funeral, the lunar eclipse etc. whenever she needs help the universe answers with signs of love)


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The first album I worked on was in September of 2013 and it was titled…”Imagination Springs”. There are 11 songs on the album and I was assisted in its creation by Producer Don Johnson of…”studio 56″…The 4 musicians who backed me up were Eddie Abraams (drummer), Bernie Manchenko (bassist), Robby Steineggan (guitarist) and finally Miles Black (pianist)…It was a pleasure to work with them and I was very pleased with the results…it proved to be 5 more years before I could continue on…Life has a way of being interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word ….,) getting a divorce and sexual re-assignment tends to stir things up quite well…


2017……and my financial row boat finally came in and I could finally continue on…My life plan was firmly in place and 8 yrs of writing was awaiting production…Being courageous is not my normal state…but…having stepped out of the closet and finally facing my truth, accepting myself as female, it made all the difference in the world to my well being finally giving me the balance I was missing, it opened up my music and my life. Accepted by my beautiful family and my wonderful community was and is still so empowering that I no longer fear being seen…and now I sing for joy and I get to be the” Universal Instrument” How lucky am I? I get to channel amazing lyrics and music and feel fulfillment, Please enjoy and feel the love from which it’s made


2018 …..This is the year !!!….everything is starting to line up. I have been recording with Michael Schutte (he’s a genius) at the “Academy of music and Art” and we’ve got 12 done so far. I will be adding more every month until I have 33 songs …as well as all the children’s music, my 1st album, and the audio of my poetry.The influential Earth spirit of the Island and the very powerful feelings, I get from the Moon and Sun, the animals, the trees and the weather …they guide my hand as I write and show my mind visions which I try as best as I can to capture…Karma attracts more of the same so all my music is free and the words are here to help, heal and guide us and of course, for humor and entertainment….if you like my music send me good thoughts and tell your friends, your financial assistance is NOT necessary but GREATLY appreciated…I do so want to produce good quality videos, plays, and concerts..thank you for your support.any money I make is aimed at helping women’s rights around the world. When women stand with men as equals, compassionate societies are the result, let’s bring peace to the world.
I AM AIMING AT DOING A WORLD TOUR ….next year (1 million visits to my site is the signal I’m hoping for)…. wish me luck and see you soon

Lyrics & Poetry


Traitor’s Moon

Oh traitor's moon, what have you done you pulled me in , to that spell you'd spun then came that night mare , mad fantasy this can't be real, just couldn't be another heart ache , another fight too many wrongs , don't make a right another angry , attitude I know that...

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The ultimate protest song

Gonna kill us off some rivers, and poison the rain choke the seas in plastic, fish dying in vain fill the air with smog, so we can barely breath turn the whole world, into my a big lavatory gonna chop down ancient forests , for our paper and wood, kill off all the...

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The Tundra Bleeds Tonight

These shaded days of dark and light full swung my mind to see the sight where mankind's power swung it's might the tundra bleeds tonight Arteries of steel a blight to feed a foreign shore fossil powered pumping heart so rotten to the core there has to be much better...

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The trinities

This planet is our temple the sun our heat and light our moon would hold a dreamers eye with all of love's insight this truely is our trinity with heart and soul and mind explore this world with a feast for life leaving just good thoughts behind travellers in eternity...

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The Eclipse

Strange incantations, heard in a dream weird invocations , what could they mean Earth spirit guide me , seep in my soul Moon goddess , hold me here , here in your glow the powers line up before the Sun Moonlight imposes , as magics begun my feet feel a pulse, as I...

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Spears of spring

Arise from the ashes a spark and a dream search of the traveller creating her scheme seek out your wisdom oh sorceress of the cave cast out your spells call the enclave the spears of spring leave the cold and snow the sap runs strong as the mushrooms grow when the...

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I am in the initial blast-off stage of a triple Karma kickoff, and appreciate all the wonderful people entering my life. I’m even being paid for doing something I love to do: perform, sing, and be in the arms of creation as I feel the words and thoughts flow through me. I am merely a messenger in the cradle of the universe. My path takes us all on a journey for knowledge, truth and, most of all, love:the one binding factor in all creation. I search for clarity and balance.

If my words inspire you; if they amuse and entertain you, then keep yourself posted on my Facebook Page for the amazing events I have planned. I am looking to assemble a team of brilliant artists to bring my vision to the stage (think of a musical theatre-style of concert, “The Elvin Queen” sings from her magical glade beside ‘Imagination Springs’ – dancers in a west-coast faerie theme). I also have my sights set on a world tour starting near the end of 2019. I am hoping to grow my audiences to larger and larger crowds: 30k+ is my dream. I have three concerts already written and I am almost done with a play. All I need is the funding to make my visions and the dreams of others come true.

The proceeds of all my work is directed at helping others. I envision an arts centre for Parksville and a music ranch with half the allotted space making room for families in poverty to break the poverty cycle. The music ranch will also be a place for people to visit from all over, play music, and meet other musicians. Visitors will be able to enjoy a week of creation and then share it with the public via open weekend concerts.

I vow to always commit a minimum of 10% of my net earnings to good deeds.  I invite you to be part of the adventure and watch what happens when you send out good karma. If you would like to play a role in the good karma cycle (it will come back to you in so many ways), then donate today using the Karma Cup below and see what happens.

The best things in life come when we take a chance. Know that I am scared every day and still l push forward.

My blessings and thanks go out to all of you. I wish you love, peace and happiness.
Thank you for your gift.

- Robbie

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