robbie van

Adam in chains locked and bound
touching her soul he fell through the ground
what a grinding a twisting a hopeless despair
his screams of surprise ring through the air
what a tumble what a tremble oh too profound
hopelessly seeming he goes around and around and around
landing late in wonderland she doesn’t have a care
for she’s fallen through the stardust and there’s sparkles in her hair

Up pops the rabbit with time on his hands
late in his life and no one understands
Alice asks the question where is the path
the rabbit runs away all she hears is his laugh
walking through the forest life among the trees
what’s that funny smell drifting on the breeze
A smile keeps on floating a Cheshire cat at ease
there’s magic here in wonderland and Alice sure is pleased

Mad as a hatter doesn’t have a care
he looks at his watch puts Alice in the chair
the mouse in the corner she pours out the tea
Alice looks amazed now how can this be
up rides the Queen with all her cards in a row
Alice flees the scene she knows she has to go
scamper off to wonderland before she takes your head
don’t let her catch you Alice for you’ll surely end up dead

Adam in chains was locked and bound
after touching her soul she fell through the ground
what a grinding a twisting a helpless despair
but she’s fallen into wonderland and there’s sparkles in her hair