robbie van

When all is nothing
and nothing is all
when expanding the universe
one is too small
in the depth of the darkness
the light hurts the eye
but how precious is love
where sweet spirits fly

The universal radio
keeps playing out it’s song
my mind is reeling forward
as I get pulled along
voices from the heavens
send messages so clear
we all must stand for love
for the end times they are near

and it’s all for love
of home and hallowed ground
do you see the threat
don’t stand there make a sound
it’s up to us
I too will raise my voice
we must protect our planet
we no longer have a choice

When all is nothing…… 2/2

can we waken from this nightmare
that holds us in it’s arms
the hatred that confounds us
the world destroying harm
the injustice in the system
that holds us in it’s sway
we can find a way to change the world
and take the pain away

I am the soul electric
the all eternal spark
a voice heard from the heavens
with a message and a path
I’m the candle in the darkness
to quell a quacking heart
though there’s others that would join me
though we’re miles and minds apart

And as these voices join the chorus
the world still wages war
will our leaders ever hear us
will they ever heed our call
yet I see the tide is changing
as another voice joins in
we could truely stop the madness
tis a pathway to begin