robbie van

Oh traitor’s moon, what have you done
you pulled me in , to that spell you’d spun
then came that night mare , mad fantasy
this can’t be real, just couldn’t be

another heart ache , another fight
too many wrongs , don’t make a right
another angry , attitude
I know that moon , it set the mood

Oh traitor’s moon ,what have you done
you broke two hearts that beat as one
you’re golden stare that cold light scan
another broken hearted haunted man

musical interlude………….

Oh traitors moon what’s that you see
an empty shell , of a man that’s me
where once was laughter there’s only pain
where once was sunshine , there’s only rain

Oh traitor’s moon , what did you do
you took our love , snapped it right in two
that spell you’d spun , made a nightmare true
you set the mood , now I’m always blue