A breath away from heaven
the countdown has begun
seek asylum in limbo
till the music has been sung
I hear those trumpets blowing
an echo in my ears
a sudden calm has filled my soul
and settles all my fear

I’ve seen the rise of the morning sun
enough gold to fill the earth
the arms of men are too oft at war
but love will show our worth
so don’t tell the devil I’ve gone now
I’m leaving on the last bullet train
I won’t take a bag when I leave from this place
for I’ll not come this way again

lost friends they are waiting
it seems a parade
my cares are tossed to the wind
a light that surrounds me
fills me with warmth
can’t wait for my old life to end
then the rattle of the war guns
awaken to fear
explosions that deafen and maim
the enemy’s us
when we fight on their lands
and peace so hard to attain

the medic keeps yelling
he’s calling my name
but I’ve boarded the last bullet train
my tickets been stamped we’re pulling away
and I’ll not come this way again………..to top,nd at sung