What will you do when the circus comes to town
you know you want to be there won’t you stick around
it’s always such a big cost but your life’s already poor
so will you pay the entry fee and walk in through that door

once inside the big top , what is that you see
parading out the characters, of a circus family
A clown will take the centre stage where she no longer hides
A funny looking woman on her bicycle ride

then look over there, not that much higher
balancing on air , supported by a wire
shot from a cannon, she flies to centre stage
and there by the door, sits a lion in a cage

then way way up up , on a dream and a prayer
hope catching wishes , flies through the air
messages given , takes all your breath
so it opens your eyes, for there’s all kinds of death

so ,who will you be , when that circus comes to town
will you be the ring master or will you be the clown
brightly sparkled accolades that are raining down on you
a sprinkle of that stardust and all your dreams come true