I can’t breath when you’re near
` I can’t think nothin’s clear
in the dark can’t seem to find the fight ………..Chorus
can’t walk out got no shame
make mistakes once again
just to drown in your oh so sweet delights

oh these secrets and these lies
all the guilt at the disguise
lost to the lust and the whisper of your thighs
oh those passions soon will see
a break inside of me
the world would end up in flames
I barely remember my name
morning is the time for shame


there goes my light
she walks off out of sight
and the daily grind it starts back up again
oh these walls are closing in
and my heart is in a spin
as I know my old life’s coming to an end


torn between two lovers
how can I break away
lost my heart insanity
I can’t go and I can’t stay
as the pressure keeps on rising
the tide is rolling in
I close my eyes and see your face
and know I’m gonna sin again