Love for sale
down on the street
taste them all
exotic meats
boys in skirts
and high heels
love that sex
and how it feels
ladies laughing
giggling in glee
all come down and smother me
whips and chains
they can’t be beat
stockings bras
all a yummy treat

well the pulse of a nation
behind closed doors
the beat of elation
that impales to applause
the bending the grinding
the groans and the strain
we all pay for sex
and come back again

A feast to sate
dive right in
no vestal virgins
sex and sin
anointed boys
with their questing charms
wanton women
with their open arms

It’s a fine distraction
down on your knees
no complications
just here to please
open wide
slide right in
finish off
with a happy grin