She climbed into the medicine chest
and hid behind the mirror
every one saw nothin wrong
she was just a little ill ,yeah
she closed her eyes and got big and bright
and baby how she burned ,yeah
she descended into that big spotlight the very centre
and there she yearned yeah
lost to beyond in the zone

As she stepped into that dreamy state
she fell behind the wall ,yeah
she knows she shouldn’t leave the kids
and there’s something she must recall yeah
and the doctor said to just take one
but mother knows what’s best ,yeah
two of these are way too strong
but all of life’s a test yeah
then the fall and nothin at all

she took a couple at the mall
the moment she got her script ,yeah
she knows she shouldn’t drive like this
and she’s probably way too ripped ,yeah
but she’s singing to the music with her eyes all droopy closed
her world it burned and finally exploded
as she nodded of and dozed
lost in beyond in the zone