robbie van

I am, trans sister radio
I’m here to blow your mind
you can, come and see me any time
I’ll always be on line
I hoping, that you’ll like me
and we all can be friends
these hits keep coming
will they never end
no never never end

I’ll put my life in a drop box
send it out to the world
a truely transforming story
of a man who’s now a girl
the feeling of the oneness
the heart and the soul
oh the glory of a female
and the fun of rock and roll
come on come on and like me
won’t you please send me viral
I have no equal
and I have no rival
yes I took my time
but I’ve done a good job
I’m not the man I used to be
I’m now a girl called Rob
robbie robbie van and I am the tran….3X

Tran sister radio
I’m here to blow your mind