Don’t wanna be no bodies Savior
you know I won’t carry that cross
does that make me a traitor
for all I can see is our loss
our systems are killing us slowly
what freedoms ,when we’re turned into slave
the bankers keep stealing our earnings
returning us back to our caves

so , it’s , belly to the bar boys
we’ll sing the corporate tune
the hookers peel for dollars
while the profits all balloon
but I fear I hear a tremble
in the false economy
there’s way too many people
they’ll just lay off you and me

so all aboard the boxcars
let the poisons flow
Monsanto says it’s safe to eat
don’t you know
our governments wouldn’t lie to us
to cause unjust wars
president oil will lead us
I can see no flaws

Armageddon my share
by Robbie Vandermeer
pg 2/2

So we’re in for a hot time
when the atmosphere is gone
we get to live in biospheres
and look at what we’ve done
the world is such a wondrous place
and look at what we’ve done
John Lennon’s right we need to change
so I’m doing what I can

I was sitting in the trailer
listening to the rain
John Lennon’s love-in on T V
and a shot went through my brain
the road to hell is paved with gold
using slavery for gain
they’re singing Armageddon my share
aboard the gravy train

……….but me I wish you peace