robbie van


She walks as beauty into sight
providing all her inner light
a smile that shatters hearts
all eyes are wayward flirts
a child yet woman too
a lady yet a girl
a sweet angelic presence
in a mad unfriendly world
for though I cannot touch her
I return most every day
I dare not then approach her
she would surely turn away
so I bask in pale reflection
a young soul in an aging shell
a smile some friendly banter
and my heart begins to swell
but perhaps the best of stories
are the ones we leave untold
for my mind still has it’s whist full side
of what could happen if I were bold
ah woman……………end

Where all hope is gone

Where all hope is gone , truth is all lies
all is forlorn , as freedom it dies
the fire of war will scar to the bone
as the thunder , rages ‘ round Satan’s throne

out of the ashes , into the fire
reign of the Hitler , stand and aspire
the public is muzzled , under new domain
the Nazis have risen , and the game is the same

Ziegheil I say with a yankee slant
they salute their flag will we piss our pants
the clang of the bars , in their prisons at night
brings the fear to the throat , as they stand up to fight

the Trump cards in play , the fool runs the night
a bloated buffoon , in ego delight
the princess procession , the Queen then her crew
while the world watches on , for we’ve all been screwed

reality politics , is just like T V
the public watches and ignores sanity’s plea
so the ride of the Valkries would rage in the storm
there’s no hope for the future if we don’t push for reform

The police shut down protests , their shields side by side
the protesters are chanting as the smoke starts to fly
in comes the armour to hose down the street
the crowds starts to waver as they’re blown off their feet

in the land of the fee , now all protests are banned
as martial law it covers the land
the prisons and dungeons groan from the pain
the Trump cards in play is this the end game?

Warm, Soft, Arousal

Hard ,firm, warm, soft arousal
taste touch hold moaned espousal
dream scheme lights stream
new beam obscene
so bold not cold
fold mould soon hold
dew drops cow eyes
part lips surprise
oh dear love fear
stay go don’t know
too late don’t stop
not me on top
try me see me
own me control me
no more to be me
not you not me
no one for one to see
all is one in ecstasy
playing god
set all souls free

The trinities

This planet is our temple
the sun our heat and light
our moon would hold a dreamers eye
with all of love’s insight
this truely is our trinity
with heart and soul and mind
explore this world with a feast for life
leaving just good thoughts behind
travellers in eternity
must question how and why
the wisdom of our leaders
most logic would deny
we may not pass some borders
like the one to the far beyond
but I feel their angel voices
that guide my heart and in my song

The Eclipse

Strange incantations, heard in a dream
weird invocations , what could they mean
Earth spirit guide me , seep in my soul
Moon goddess , hold me here , here in your glow
the powers line up before the Sun
Moonlight imposes , as magics begun
my feet feel a pulse, as I bring fire towards the sea
the wind in my face , as my spirit soars free

Ooohm and Ra sensorum rem , quantum uno quantum totalis

I praise at the altar of Ooohm and Ra
the heat and light of our Sun
the kneel in the soil of creation
as Lunas’ light bathes every one
I kiss the waters of life by the sea
the blessings of mother our Earth
and I look to the stars and dream of a life
in a weave of creation and birth
so wholly , wholly , wholly
blessed are we the beings
brought here in this time and place with the gift of truly seeing
for the sound of bird and branch and breeze
is our natives true desire
so I look to the heavens and feel in my heart
that my journey is now inspired

Spears of spring

Arise from the ashes
a spark and a dream
search of the traveller
creating her scheme
seek out your wisdom
oh sorceress of the cave
cast out your spells
call the enclave
the spears of spring
leave the cold and snow
the sap runs strong
as the mushrooms grow
when the birds return
and the warmth comes back
incantations practice
laying down the tracks
Earth mother’s calling
in the whistle of a bird
frogs croak out the chorus
music is all heard
as whispers in the breeze
stirs the new grown leaves
gifts of hope in a newly grown world
where we all just wish for peace