robbie van


Adam in chains locked and bound
touching her soul he fell through the ground
what a grinding a twisting a hopeless despair
his screams of surprise ring through the air
what a tumble what a tremble oh too profound
hopelessly seeming he goes around and around and around
landing late in wonderland she doesn’t have a care
for she’s fallen through the stardust and there’s sparkles in her hair

Up pops the rabbit with time on his hands
late in his life and no one understands
Alice asks the question where is the path
the rabbit runs away all she hears is his laugh
walking through the forest life among the trees
what’s that funny smell drifting on the breeze
A smile keeps on floating a Cheshire cat at ease
there’s magic here in wonderland and Alice sure is pleased

Mad as a hatter doesn’t have a care
he looks at his watch puts Alice in the chair
the mouse in the corner she pours out the tea
Alice looks amazed now how can this be
up rides the Queen with all her cards in a row
Alice flees the scene she knows she has to go
scamper off to wonderland before she takes your head
don’t let her catch you Alice for you’ll surely end up dead

Adam in chains was locked and bound
after touching her soul she fell through the ground
what a grinding a twisting a helpless despair
but she’s fallen into wonderland and there’s sparkles in her hair

When all is nothing

When all is nothing
and nothing is all
when expanding the universe
one is too small
in the depth of the darkness
the light hurts the eye
but how precious is love
where sweet spirits fly

The universal radio
keeps playing out it’s song
my mind is reeling forward
as I get pulled along
voices from the heavens
send messages so clear
we all must stand for love
for the end times they are near

and it’s all for love
of home and hallowed ground
do you see the threat
don’t stand there make a sound
it’s up to us
I too will raise my voice
we must protect our planet
we no longer have a choice

When all is nothing…… 2/2

can we waken from this nightmare
that holds us in it’s arms
the hatred that confounds us
the world destroying harm
the injustice in the system
that holds us in it’s sway
we can find a way to change the world
and take the pain away

I am the soul electric
the all eternal spark
a voice heard from the heavens
with a message and a path
I’m the candle in the darkness
to quell a quacking heart
though there’s others that would join me
though we’re miles and minds apart

And as these voices join the chorus
the world still wages war
will our leaders ever hear us
will they ever heed our call
yet I see the tide is changing
as another voice joins in
we could truely stop the madness
tis a pathway to begin

I am trans-sister radio

I am, trans sister radio
I’m here to blow your mind
you can, come and see me any time
I’ll always be on line
I hoping, that you’ll like me
and we all can be friends
these hits keep coming
will they never end
no never never end

I’ll put my life in a drop box
send it out to the world
a truely transforming story
of a man who’s now a girl
the feeling of the oneness
the heart and the soul
oh the glory of a female
and the fun of rock and roll
come on come on and like me
won’t you please send me viral
I have no equal
and I have no rival
yes I took my time
but I’ve done a good job
I’m not the man I used to be
I’m now a girl called Rob
robbie robbie van and I am the tran….3X

Tran sister radio
I’m here to blow your mind

Traitor’s Moon

Oh traitor’s moon, what have you done
you pulled me in , to that spell you’d spun
then came that night mare , mad fantasy
this can’t be real, just couldn’t be

another heart ache , another fight
too many wrongs , don’t make a right
another angry , attitude
I know that moon , it set the mood

Oh traitor’s moon ,what have you done
you broke two hearts that beat as one
you’re golden stare that cold light scan
another broken hearted haunted man

musical interlude………….

Oh traitors moon what’s that you see
an empty shell , of a man that’s me
where once was laughter there’s only pain
where once was sunshine , there’s only rain

Oh traitor’s moon , what did you do
you took our love , snapped it right in two
that spell you’d spun , made a nightmare true
you set the mood , now I’m always blue

The ultimate protest song

Gonna kill us off some rivers, and poison the rain
choke the seas in plastic, fish dying in vain
fill the air with smog, so we can barely breath
turn the whole world, into my a big lavatory

gonna chop down ancient forests , for our paper and wood,
kill off all the soil , with our pesticide food
the Earth is quickly dying, with so few who care
solar radiation , cancer , loosing your hair

so come on people, pick up the pace
hurry up and finish off , the human race
with bombs enough to kill us all , and poisons galore
all that wasted oil , washing our shores

can’t trust the politicians, they are all corrupt
money changes hands, as the profits are upped
another one is bought off
, we are all betrayed
business cracks the whip, another wars O K’d

just close your eyes, don’t say a word
the loudest screams , are never heard
relax baby ,everything’s fine
check out my Rolex , let’s order more wine

gonna kill us off some rivers, and poison the rain
choke the seas in plastics , fish dying in vain
fill the air with smog, so we can barely breath
I see the world is dying , on my giant T V

The Tundra Bleeds Tonight

These shaded days of dark and light
full swung my mind to see the sight
where mankind’s power swung it’s might
the tundra bleeds tonight

Arteries of steel a blight
to feed a foreign shore
fossil powered pumping heart
so rotten to the core

there has to be much better ways
to feed the needs of man
this poisoned pit is and evil scar
a curse upon the land

the governments deserted us
’cause business has the wheel
we may yell but no one hears
it’s all about the backroom deals

Aurora shines her rainbow lights
As gaia speaks to you
this Earth it is our only home
we should be mind full of what we do

These shaded days , of dark from light
full swung my mind to see the sight
where man kind’s power , swung it’s might
the tundra bleeds tonight